As a Spiritual Center for the laity, religious and clergy, our purposes are: To develop religious, charitable, scientific and literary programs and services to support the mission of the local and universal Roman Catholic Church.


To establish educational, cultural and media facilities to advance the work of evangelization and the promotion of human dignity and family life.


To engage in such activities to promote the fullness of our Catholic life, to build a committed faith among each other, to enhance vocations and to provide an atmosphere of healing, peace, prayer, spiritual care and sacramental nourishment. To live the example of Mary’s hope in the Father, faith in Jesus, her Son, and love in the Holy Spirit.

In obedience to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church,
to fulfill the apostolate at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the home of Our Lady, our Mother, for the greater honor and glory of God.

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T: 513-351-9800

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Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center is place to find peace and encounter Christ in our busy world. On the site of a former seminary, the grounds and building are beautifully maintained.  The retreat center offers rooms for up to 100 people.  We offer both group and self-directed retreats. Each floor has a restful, library-like lounge and a kitchenette for use of individual retreatants.

We are a Catholic Center offering Indivdual Retreats, Group Retreats, Meeting Rooms, Rental Halls for events, hosting events for families, youth, prayer groups, and catholic schools as well. 

Please visit our event page for events and programs offered at the center.

We have several projects happening at center. The faithful servants of many volunteers, staff, contractors and organizations help make it possible to maintain and  upkeep the building and services provided at the Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. We are immensely grateful to all the willing souls that make this happen. It is a true witness of Christ in our world. 

Calling all volunteers! A true appreciation of the time, gifts and talents all volunteers freely give. Please consider being the hands and feet of Christ helping at the center. We have many oportunities for people to get involved, meet great people, share the love of Chrsit, and with one another.